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Enterprise Wide provides the world’s leading commerce, marketing, and customer engagement solutions, powered by SAP.

Stay at the forefront of omni-channel landscape and leverage the best technologies to drive improved customer engagement.

Enterprise Wide works with SAP to provide enterprise-grade CX solutions coupled with end-to-end insights across the value chain, allowing you to connect real-time business data and signals to improve loyalty, customer retention, and revenue.

We Can Help You Achieve a Seamless Channel Experience

We Can Help Drive Your Integrated Customer Engagement

We Can Help Utilise Your Data to Better Predict Customer Needs

We Can Help Give Your Business the Flexibility to Meet Demand From Anywhere

We Help You Meet Customer Expectations in a Rapidly Changing Industry

Marketing Engagement
Customer Data Management

Drive a Seamless Channel Experience for Continued Growth With SAP Commerce Cloud.

  • Extensible e-commerce solution with API-enabled, omnichannel online shopping experiences.
  • De-coupled modern architecture with headless and service composability.
  • Support B2B and B2C scenarios so you can grow without limits based on deep, real-time customer insights to power personalised experiences at scale.
  • Manage complex product catalogues with an integrated PIM and design intelligent selling services.

Accelerate Your ROI With a Trusted SAP Partner.

  • Achieve consistently profitable commerce with enterprise wide insight.
  • Solve your business challenges, with a strong understanding of your industry and requirements.
  • Support your e-commerce strategy from design through to solution implementation and ongoing support.
  • Drive a smarter, faster and better approach with fewer disruptions and reduced risk.

Drive Growth with Emarsys. – The Leading Marketing Solution.

  • Connect data across your business quickly and more easily to personalise interactions across channels.
  • Prebuilt industry-specific analytics and tactics
  • Identify key segments and strategies and rapidly deploy best-practice campaign tactics to accelerate business outcomes.
  • Enrich customer profiles with data from everywhere and use an AI-powered personalisation engine to engage with customers wherever.

Deliver predictable, profitable outcomes with Enterprise Wide.

  • Accelerate time to value with fast delivery of the Emarsys customer engagement platform.
  • Quickly enable one-to-one, cross channel experiences for your customers.
  • Drive increases in customer loyalty and customer lifetime value.
  • Simplify your IT marketing landscape with the customer engagement platform trusted by leading brands and innovative marketers.

Grow Your Revenue & Build Trusted Customer Relationships.

  • Tap into the true value of the information you collect by creating a 360-degree connection between all of your systems and data.
  • Centralise first-party profile data in an indexed, dynamic database and integrate with other customer engagement solutions.
  • Know with 100% certainty that your customers’ data and consent is well managed and thoroughly protected.
  • Match customer data to enforce consent across brands, channels, devices, and downstream applications and services.

Utilise the Power of Your Customer Data With Enterprise Wide.

  • Deliver in-store and digital experiences that build trust with customers.
  • Break down data silos and support your business in unifying your customer profile information.
  • Foster a direct relationship with consumers supported by robust data collection and handling compliance.
  • Transform valuable customer data into real-time insights and recommendations that drives increased conversion and revenue.
  • Provide fast, secure and intuitive customer identity management through unified and orchestrated registration and login processes.
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