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Partner Products

Manage, Develop and Expand Your Business

We’ve partnered with a number of industry leaders that provide a wealth of expertise and services, enhancing and extending the functionalities of SAP software to meet the unique needs of organisations like yours. Our partners deliver applications and services empower clients to achieve their strategic objectives and drive digital transformation.


smartShift specialises in SAP custom code transformation, providing solutions that guarantee seamless upgrades and modernisations with fixed timelines and costs. Their industry-leading intelligent automation technology performs comprehensive code analysis, identifying and fixing all necessary changes for 100% compatibility. This approach minimises business disruption, accelerates transformation processes and reduces manual labour significantly, allowing organisations to focus on innovation and driving their business forward.


OMS+ is an automated, cross-channel order management system that enhances accuracy, reduces processing time, and supports sales on any device. It halves manual tasks, slashes new employee training from two months to a week, and provides real-time, accurate availability info, reducing order operations and rework costs by 50-90%.

BEST SAP Reconciled

BEST financial reconciliation products have been built for SAP and certified across SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA platforms – meaning you can rely on their trusted and proven performance and leverage your existing investment in SAP. BEST has a proven track record of implementations across multiple industries and countries.


Product manufacturing and launch processes are highly complex; frequently made up of multiple sub-processes that span many domains, from vendor and materials to distribution, logistics, customers, finance and more. Managing all of this complexity is challenging. Precisely enables customers to build and adapt interactive forms and workflows for SAP, eliminating error-prone, manual launch processes and gets you on the fast-track to success