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SAP Customer Experience

Transforming Customer Experience’s with Innovative SAP CX Solutions

Enterprise Wide strive to set the industry standard by delivering exceptional, personalised customer experiences that drive meaningful business outcomes. Our focus is on excellence, innovation, and deep client engagement, ensuring every solution is precisely tailored to our clients’ needs. We build long-term partnerships based on trust and transparency and empower our team with continuous learning and development. By prioritising quality and impact, Enterprise Wide aim to be the most respected partner known for delivering outstanding SAP CX solutions that drive sustainable business success.

CX Services


We empower you to get the most out of SAP’s Commerce Cloud offering. Our consultants understand your industry requirements and business challenges; their expertise allows you to drive a smarter and more agile approach with fewer disruptions and reduced risk. Seize market opportunities and drive profitable growth by delivering innovative and engaging e-commerce experiences for your customers. Our solutions help you quickly launch new business models and adapt to change in an agile way.

Marketing Engagement

We deliver predictable, profitable outcomes, allowing for accelerated time to value, so you can see results sooner. Leveraging our decades of experience, we enable you to improve market growth, customer loyalty and customer targeting with personalised, AI powered interactions across multiple channels. As a trusted SAP Partner, Enterprise Wide accelerates our customer’s return on investment, helping identify key segments and strategies to target.

Customer Data Management

Utilise the power of your customer data and build trusted customer relationships, leveraging our expertise as an SAP Partner to get the most out of your customer data. Tap into the true value of the information you collect by creating a 360-degree connection between all your systems and data. This allows you to build customer trust, through detailed and intuitive customer identity management, detailed data collection and real-time insights leading to increased conversion and revenue.

Gordon McCoy, Head of Digital Customer Products

“Projects are about people and Foodstuffs South Island has been fortunate to work with some great people at Enterprise Wide. Since 2007, they have been instrumental on our journey with SAP.
Enterprise Wide have helped Foodstuffs create great solutions for our business and are a very important strategic partner for us.”