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Gordon McCoy, Head of Digital Customer Products

“Projects are about people and Foodstuffs South Island has been fortunate to work with some great people at Enterprise Wide. Since 2007, they have been instrumental on our journey with SAP.
Enterprise Wide have helped Foodstuffs create great solutions for our business and are a very important strategic partner for us.”

Neville Richardson, CIO

“We now have a best of breed system that we can drive and ‘grow into’ over the next few years, that will deliver further value in use as we scale and mature digitally”.

Tim Donaldson, GM Retail

“The PMR project has progressed well despite the many challenges of 2020. The business, and our suppliers are genuinely excited to roll out our new promotional platform which will truly optimise our promotional functions in the Support Centre and our stores.”.

Steve Reid, Head of Transformation

“Enterprise Wide with SAP delivered a best in breed commerce solution that is running significantly ahead of our business targets”