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SAP Retail

Trusted Advisor to the Biggest Retailers in ANZ

Enterprise Wide is the trusted advisor to the biggest retailers in Australia and New Zealand because we deliver unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of the retail industry. With a proven track record of successful SAP implementations, we ensure seamless integration and optimisation of retail operations, driving efficiency and profitability. Our deep understanding of the retail landscape, combined with our commitment to excellence, makes us the go-to partner for retailers seeking to enhance their competitive edge and achieve sustainable growth.

SAP Retail Services

S/4HANA Retail

S/4HANA Retail is a specialised suite within SAP’s S/4HANA ERP system designed specifically for the retail industry. With S/4HANA Retail, businesses can enhance their supply chain management, improve inventory accuracy, personalise customer experiences, and adapt rapidly to market changes. S/4HANA Retail helps retailers increase operational efficiency, providing a foundation for digital transformation.

Omnichannel & Customer Centricity

SAP S/4HANA Omnichannel and Customer Centricity services enable seamless, integrated customer experiences across all channels. These services enhance engagement by providing real-time insights, personalised interactions, and consistent service, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Forecasting & Planning

SAP S/4HANA forecasting and planning services optimise business strategies through advanced analytics and real-time insights. They enable accurate demand forecasting, inventory optimisation, and agile planning, ensuring efficient resource allocation and responsiveness to market dynamics for enhanced operational efficiency and profitability.

Industry Cloud & Analytics

SAP S/4HANA industry cloud and analytics services offer tailored solutions for specific industries, integrating advanced analytics for data-driven decision-making. These services empower businesses with industry-specific tools and insights, driving efficiency, innovation, and growth while ensuring compliance and competitiveness in rapidly evolving markets.

Unlocking Retail Success in 2024

Insights from the SAP and Enterprise Wide Roundtable

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Gordon McCoy, Head of Digital Customer Products

“Projects are about people and Foodstuffs South Island has been fortunate to work with some great people at Enterprise Wide. Since 2007, they have been instrumental on our journey with SAP.
Enterprise Wide have helped Foodstuffs create great solutions for our business and are a very important strategic partner for us.”

Neville Richardson, CIO

“We now have a best of breed system that we can drive and ‘grow into’ over the next few years, that will deliver further value in use as we scale and mature digitally”.